Finally free

Since owning a place since April but still being trapped at home the time has eventually come: I have moved out.

Living alone is it all it is cracked up to be? Finally free from the parents I thought I would be overjoyed. I guess in a way, I am. But it will take a while getting used the them not being around. Living in a home to the whole of my life with my family surrounding me has been a bit of a luxury. Now I am alone in a half completed flat with no money – what an interesting adventure.

Of course I will miss my parents and I will continue to feel slightly aggravated when I come round. But this is it. At 25 I am in a privileged position to own my own flat.

One major thing I need to get used to is the noises made from the lovely couple upstairs. But once I recognise them all I am sure I will be less jumpy!