The wanderer returns.

Wow! It has been a while. All because I dropped my phone and didnt have the funds to get it fixed again.

A lot has changed subce my last blog. First a foremost, I am now used to living alone. Now I realise how much effort is involved.

I have also had my hair cut off. Thoyght it would be so much easier but now I have to tong it everyday.

Started at my new school – I hate it! Hate my class and the staff are too in your face. I am determined to do a good job. Think I am getting used to how things are run but actually I have no clue! I feel like a dog chasing its tail. Some days I have no time to stop for lunch! Every night I am at home working til late! It is awful.

My class are one of the worse in the school and are difficult to handle. Today I wasnt feeling well and they just took advantage! At times I feel I could cry.

Had a nice weekend as it was my birthday! I was lucky enough to surround myself with 3 people I love. Had 9 cocktails and two shots – was a bit of an out of body experience!

So things are okay! Hating work
though. Which is a shame as I thought things would be better.

Glad to get back to blogging! Will check back soon.


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