Does teaching have to be a life choice?

I am constantly questioning my dedication to the job! This has not been helped by having such a tricky class and trying to settle into a new school.

I have figured out that I enjoy teaching, but the marking and extra stuff is very off putting. I do not mind marking a lot of the time but there are times where it is the last thing I want to do!

I also crave that work/life balance. I want my weekends and evenings to be free. I want to switch off. I do not want to be soending my evening marking and creating the next days outline.

I aim to get most of my resources prepared the week before but still find myself behind. It is such a struggle.

I find myself at night thinking about what I have to do the next day. The job is never ending and I feel like I am always behind.

I do not know if that feeling will ever go.
I want to be better at times, but do I want to spend more time reading and researching different methods and ideas.

I was determined to be a teacher as I wanted to change the world in some little way. But I am not super human!

In a past colleagues new school, I tales of teachers crying and she stays at school until 8pm! What hope is there for her?

I do enjoy teaching but all too frequently I am beginning to question if it is worth it.

After research I think I would like a role outside of the classroom. Maybe an intervention teacher. .who knows.


One thought on “Does teaching have to be a life choice?”

  1. Teaching takes as much as you give (and then some). I blogged about thisa while back. I am very skeptical of those who seem to exhibit 110% commitment. Scratch the surface and you often find that either they are not as dynamic as they portray themselves to be, or they have a teaching load that is much lower than yours!


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