Single sex education.

Had a very interesting debate about single sex education at work today.
Comments made included:

The girls I know who went to single sex schools are weird
They don’t know how to communicate with guys
They just through themselves at guys.
They don’t have any male friends.

It was a shame I was leaving because it would have been interesting to consider my response. It’s a great thing I have a blog.

So those comments were made after I disclosed that I went to a single sex school. So of my colleagues also know that I am lesbian.

I also mentioned debate to my Gf who stated it was like a stereotype of all girls at catholic schools being sluts.

The comments made were quite ignorant and stereotypical. Most of my friends at primary school were all guys. I’ve always played footy. I used to volunteer and work with guys. My first friend and best mate uni was a guy.

Does school dictate your life? No but I agree it does have an influence.

However there are also external influences that make a difference. The school you went to does not determine your future or how you react to different types of people.

If a school is predominately white – do kids not know how to socialise with black people?

If schools are predominately one culture does that affect your ability to speak to people of another culture?

In my mind the answer is clear. No. Going to a girls school doesn’t affect your opinion of men. You don’t live in a vacuum where you never come across men or boys! A child’s life is made up of other experiences not just school.

What do you think?