The wanderer returns.

Wow! It has been a while. All because I dropped my phone and didnt have the funds to get it fixed again.

A lot has changed subce my last blog. First a foremost, I am now used to living alone. Now I realise how much effort is involved.

I have also had my hair cut off. Thoyght it would be so much easier but now I have to tong it everyday.

Started at my new school – I hate it! Hate my class and the staff are too in your face. I am determined to do a good job. Think I am getting used to how things are run but actually I have no clue! I feel like a dog chasing its tail. Some days I have no time to stop for lunch! Every night I am at home working til late! It is awful.

My class are one of the worse in the school and are difficult to handle. Today I wasnt feeling well and they just took advantage! At times I feel I could cry.

Had a nice weekend as it was my birthday! I was lucky enough to surround myself with 3 people I love. Had 9 cocktails and two shots – was a bit of an out of body experience!

So things are okay! Hating work
though. Which is a shame as I thought things would be better.

Glad to get back to blogging! Will check back soon.


Just playing grown up

The tough reality of living alone and surviving on my wage during the holidays is tougher than I thought.

Made even more so because of the lack of income. Well…. a lower income.

So who do I have to go back to ….. the over bearing parents. Who are constantly there for me and my siblings. But at what cost?

Making it hard to go to them due to the unkind and hurtful lecture but where else would I go?

I love them dearly but they do not allow me as a young adult to make my own decisions and suffocate me with their own.

So my wings are free but have not quite opened to their full span.

Finally free

Since owning a place since April but still being trapped at home the time has eventually come: I have moved out.

Living alone is it all it is cracked up to be? Finally free from the parents I thought I would be overjoyed. I guess in a way, I am. But it will take a while getting used the them not being around. Living in a home to the whole of my life with my family surrounding me has been a bit of a luxury. Now I am alone in a half completed flat with no money – what an interesting adventure.

Of course I will miss my parents and I will continue to feel slightly aggravated when I come round. But this is it. At 25 I am in a privileged position to own my own flat.

One major thing I need to get used to is the noises made from the lovely couple upstairs. But once I recognise them all I am sure I will be less jumpy!