Single sex education.

Had a very interesting debate about single sex education at work today.
Comments made included:

The girls I know who went to single sex schools are weird
They don’t know how to communicate with guys
They just through themselves at guys.
They don’t have any male friends.

It was a shame I was leaving because it would have been interesting to consider my response. It’s a great thing I have a blog.

So those comments were made after I disclosed that I went to a single sex school. So of my colleagues also know that I am lesbian.

I also mentioned debate to my Gf who stated it was like a stereotype of all girls at catholic schools being sluts.

The comments made were quite ignorant and stereotypical. Most of my friends at primary school were all guys. I’ve always played footy. I used to volunteer and work with guys. My first friend and best mate uni was a guy.

Does school dictate your life? No but I agree it does have an influence.

However there are also external influences that make a difference. The school you went to does not determine your future or how you react to different types of people.

If a school is predominately white – do kids not know how to socialise with black people?

If schools are predominately one culture does that affect your ability to speak to people of another culture?

In my mind the answer is clear. No. Going to a girls school doesn’t affect your opinion of men. You don’t live in a vacuum where you never come across men or boys! A child’s life is made up of other experiences not just school.

What do you think?


Close your eyes and jump!

That is what I will be doing come July. I will be giving up teaching without the backing of many people in my life.

Maybe I am naive. Maybe I am foolish. But I know teaching isn’t for me – at least for now.

I can’t just try one job and not explore the job market is out there.  Yes I have a mortgage to pay so I cannot be silly about things. But you only live once and I have to make the most of my life. I will be planning my future over the next few weeks.

I am taking a massive leap of faith. Let’s hope the parachute opens!


Looking out for a hero (a new headteacher)

I have not had the best start to my teaching career. Three years in and I have not had the pleasure of working in an organised school which strong clear leadership.
However, in January maybe I will get that! The new headteacher will be starting at the school. I hope she brings all the things I am craving.
Although I have plans to leave the profession at the end of year. I am hoping to change my own mind! To achieve this I have targets:

1. Get to school earlier – 7:15
2. Organise my guided reading comprehension. Get TA to copy it next Monday.
3. Be creative with lessons.
4. Be stricter with class.

And those are just to start with. I have lost my passion and enthusiasm for the job. Can the new headteacher save me? Can I save myself?

Leaving Teaching.

When I left my previous school I guess I was searching for an answer to the question: do I hate teachingor is it just the school?

I think I knew deep down it was the job. So I have decided to leave teaching. At the moment I cannot possibly do it. But if things go as olanned I will be able to leave this year.

I still want to do the best for my class and want them to do well. I want to make a good impression in my school and do well.

The workload, the stress and the children are not for me. I dreamed of being a teacher and I have given it a go.
You have one chance at life and I have got to make the right one.

What will I do? I don’t know. But I can do supply and tutor while I decide.

Does teaching have to be a life choice?

I am constantly questioning my dedication to the job! This has not been helped by having such a tricky class and trying to settle into a new school.

I have figured out that I enjoy teaching, but the marking and extra stuff is very off putting. I do not mind marking a lot of the time but there are times where it is the last thing I want to do!

I also crave that work/life balance. I want my weekends and evenings to be free. I want to switch off. I do not want to be soending my evening marking and creating the next days outline.

I aim to get most of my resources prepared the week before but still find myself behind. It is such a struggle.

I find myself at night thinking about what I have to do the next day. The job is never ending and I feel like I am always behind.

I do not know if that feeling will ever go.
I want to be better at times, but do I want to spend more time reading and researching different methods and ideas.

I was determined to be a teacher as I wanted to change the world in some little way. But I am not super human!

In a past colleagues new school, I tales of teachers crying and she stays at school until 8pm! What hope is there for her?

I do enjoy teaching but all too frequently I am beginning to question if it is worth it.

After research I think I would like a role outside of the classroom. Maybe an intervention teacher. .who knows.

Being positive with a difficult class

How do you do it?

It is so hard. Got lots of reward schemes and try to reward a group or individuals during each session but again find myself raising my vouce and telling children off all the time.

Definitely havent settled into the school very well and seem to find myself with 101 things to do. Have no motivation and bond for new class is slow to form.

My usual laid back appraoch to teaching will definitely not work. I hate to feel like I am barking at them as well.
Also been talking a bit to freely to parents! Need to learn to keep my mouth shut!!

Marking takes forever because I have no motivation.

However I do love teaching!! Hoping I can get a job as an intervention teacher in the future.